11. Mai 2019 um 18:34

Veil of Light am 21. September 2019

SCHWARZ .TON präsentiert: Veil of Light
& Remember Kombe Part VII
Samstag 21.09.2019

New Wave, New Romantic, NDW, Gothic Classics

Mit den DJs:
DJ Matthias Völlm (Totentanz)
DJ Marc (Totentanz)
DJ The Crow (Schwarz.Ton)


Türöffnung: 21:00
Show: 22:00
AK: 23.00 CHF
Eintritt nur Party ab ca. 23:30: CHF 15.00
Alter ab: 18 Jahren
Dresscode: Black

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Veil of light
Zurich based Wave / Synth / Post-Punk / Industrial Band.

Xactly two years after their latest Front Teeth LP, the Zürich-based duo VEIL OF LIGHT is back with a new album called Inflict which will be out May 10 on Avant! Records.
This is their fourth full-length and their industrial-tinged synth-based post-punk keeps on getting better, making Inflict their strongest release to date.
In these eight new cuts you’ll hear how their sound has gotten heavier, bulkier, even more beat-driven.
Tracks like So Hard and Holy Wars display drums pounding like noises from a rusty machinery, synths on You Done Me Wrong and Fact2019 they’re so sharp they can slice through your skin, Europe and Animal Instinct feature melodies from the abandoned industrial district of your ghost town.
We could go on but you are probably aware of what these two Swiss are all about, and if you don’t you’ll know the Veil Of Light when you face it.


Unser Name ist Programm! Dunkle Musik für dunkle Gestalten der Nacht.
SCHWARZ TON führt euch mit einem kunterschwarzen und abwechslungsreichen Mix aus Gothic, Wave, Mittelalterrock, NDH, Electro, EBM. u.a. durch eine dunkle musikalische Reise.
Bands, DJs und VJs aus der Szene werden für eine düstere und unvergessliche Atmosphäre sorgen.
Notre nom est déjà tout un programme! Musique sombre pour des personnes sombres.
SCHWARZ.TON vous guide avec un mélange variable noir de Goth, Wave, Rock Médiéval, NDH, Electro, EBM et plus à travers un voyage musical sombre.
Les groupes de genre Goth, les DJ et les VJ de la scène créeront une atmosphère sombre et inoubliable.
The name says it all. Dark music for the dark creatures of the night.
SCHWARZ.TON will take you with a mix of the finest dark music such as Gothic, Wave, Medieval Rock, NDH, Electro, EBM and many more on a thrilled journey. Just the right soundtrack for your dark voyage.
Bands, DJs and VJs from the active scene are willing to fulfill the gloomy atmosphere and make it an unforgettable event for you and your friends.