24. Februar 2019 um 22:38

V2A am 4. Mai 2019

SCHWARZ .TON präsentiert: V2A & Party
Samstag 04.05.2019

Gothic, Wave, Mittelalterrock, NDH, Industrial, Elektro, EBM, u.a.

Mit den DJs:
DJ The Crow
DJ Nestero vs DJ Dragoncry


Türöffnung: 21:00
Show: 22:00
AK: 30.00 CHF
Eintritt nur Party ab ca. 23:30: CHF 15.00
Alter ab: 18 Jahren
Dresscode: Fantasy, Cosply, Gothic, Cyber

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V2A are the nearing elite of the electro post-apocalyptic scene.
A tactical, sensory assault on the nervous system.
A genocide of biblical proportions in an era of nihilism.
Your military-grade soundtrack to the end of the world.
Full bio:
V2A is the Elite of post-apocalyptical hard Electro-Industrial Techno outfit – based between the UK and Germany.
V2A was formed in 2001 by founding members Kevin Stewart (‘Drone’) and Ines Lehmann (‘Mechanized’) and has enjoyed perpetual success in both the international live music circuit and recorded arena.
Their success is climbing unstoppable to the top – with regularly headlining shows and festivals all around the world performing to an ever-increasing base of hardcore fans, ranging from a large variety of different style music Festivals, numerous BBC Radio interviews and live recording sessions, Comic-Conventions to Mad-Max Film Sets in the middle of the Californian Mojave Dessert.
V2A are famed for their extravagant, mind-blowing stage performances and their brutal, pumping techno rhythms combined with raw, aggressive vocals, which draw their audience in ecstasy.
The bands has found itself in huge demand from promoters around the globe in recent years and with interviews and live recording sessions with BBC UK and various local radio stations around the globe.
Since releasing their seminal debut album ‘EBM’ in 2001, which four further records followed in the years after:
“MECHANIZED INFANTRY (2009); “MACHINE CORPS (2011); “DESTROYER OF WORLDS (2015); “HERETIC (2017) – forthcoming 6th release “GRAVITY KILLER (2018)”.
V2A has since toured as main support in various territories of the world with the likes of COMBICHRIST as European Main Support on their “EVOLUTION Tour” and NACHTMAHR on their 10-date marathon Tour in Germany during their “Unbeugsam – 10th Anniversary Tour” as special guests, as well as headlined the iconic Mad Max-themed ‘Wasteland Weekend’ festival in the Californian Mojave Desert USA in 2016 & 2017 & 2018 as well as a vast number of Comic-Conventions and Sci-Fi Festivals working with stars like David Hasselhoff and William Shatner.
All their albums have reached top 10 in the German DAC Charts for maximum weeks possible.
V2A is taken on the Premier league of the music industry worldwide.



Unser Name ist Programm! Dunkle Musik für dunkle Gestalten der Nacht.
SCHWARZ TON führt euch mit einem kunterschwarzen und abwechslungsreichen Mix aus Gothic, Wave, Mittelalterrock, NDH, Electro, EBM. u.a. durch eine dunkle musikalische Reise.
Bands, DJs und VJs aus der Szene werden für eine düstere und unvergessliche Atmosphäre sorgen.
Notre nom est déjà tout un programme! Musique sombre pour des personnes sombres.
SCHWARZ.TON vous guide avec un mélange variable noir de Goth, Wave, Rock Médiéval, NDH, Electro, EBM et plus à travers un voyage musical sombre.
Les groupes de genre Goth, les DJ et les VJ de la scène créeront une atmosphère sombre et inoubliable.
The name says it all. Dark music for the dark creatures of the night.
SCHWARZ.TON will take you with a mix of the finest dark music such as Gothic, Wave, Medieval Rock, NDH, Electro, EBM and many more on a thrilled journey. Just the right soundtrack for your dark voyage.
Bands, DJs and VJs from the active scene are willing to fulfill the gloomy atmosphere and make it an unforgettable event for you and your friends.